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Welcoming Compak to Equipment Catalogue


We are pleased to welcome Compak products to United Baristas Equipment.

You can now source new, find second-hand, learn how to care & maintain for your grinder, plus source parts such as replacement burrs.

 View the Compak range 


United Baristas Equipment

This is part of our work to help baristas and coffee businesses buy equipment that's suitable for their needs, better maintain and service it, and then sell it to someone else who'll get good use from it once they no longer need it ♻️

Equipment Catalogue provides brings together product information, brochures and videos with usage tips and technical services. For example, here's some info about the new Bolt 83 👇

Compak Bolt Workflow


United Baristas Equipment updates

This update is part of the enhancements being rolled out over 2023.


United Baristas Equipment Enhancements 2023

Building out new features to make sourcing and servicing coffee equipment even easier.

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