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Understanding the life cycle of coffee equipment

New Feature

United Baristas brings together both new and second-hand coffee equipment.


Life cycle status

At each stage of a product's life there are varying levels of parts and service support. We've started tagging products in Equipment Catalogue with their current life-cycle status, such as:

These are useful in a number of ways. For example, when buying recently released products, it's prudent to check that parts are readily available and your local engineer is sufficiently well-trained on any new technologies. Or, when a product is no longer manufactured, its parts remain available for a period of time, typically at least 10 years.


Equipment and Marketplace

Knowing the life cycle status helps you identify when it's time to upgrade an item and whether a second-hand item is right for your business.

Product life cycle statuses are part of our effort to support baristas and coffee businesses choose equipment that's right for their needs and help them keep equipment in use for its full working life.

You can learn more https://market.unitedbaristas.com/equipment/product-life-cycle 


United Baristas Equipment Enhancements 2023

Building out new features to make sourcing and servicing coffee equipment even easier.

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