The rollout of improvements across United Baristas Market continues with some features we put in motion early this year to make searching easier, much easier.

Most users can use these functions seamlessly, but they deserve specific mention and they also create new possibilities for power users! ☕️⚡️

Filters across more categories

You can now refine master categories, such as in all coffe equipment, using things like brand, condition and location (filters previously reserved for child categories, such as espresso machines).

Plus, new filters introduced for grinder type and La Marzocco model options (PB, AV, EE etc)

In combination this means you can do things like:

Great stuff 💪 but it get's even more powerful when used with the functions below 👇

Location searches

Location search has also been introduced to most categories and at most levels, so it is now easy to see items for sale in, say, Edinburgh with various levels of specificity. Let's use this example:

This idea applies to most categories across United Baristas Market.

Alerts / Notifications

As well as being easier to navigate, search and refine, it also makes bespoke Market Alerts easier to create! You can set up alerts for specific items, in specific locations ⚡️

For example, search using the filters:

And then when logged in, just click 'Create Alert' to get notifications of new listings notifications! (let us do the work for you)

Create Alert

(For the geeks out there, yes, in fairness, it's always been possible to create these alerts if you happened to have a deep understanding of United Baristas Market, but now it's much easier and anyone can do it! ⚡️)

Further information on Notifications is here. And we'll update the guidance and examples in due course now that United Baristas Market is more powerful than ever before. ☕️⚡️

If you require help settign up a spefific search, please contact Support.

So go on and try it out – here's the latest Things for Sale.