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Jobs 3


The all-new Jobs 3 is fully integrated into United Baristas:

  • re-built from the ground up on the same platform as Marketplace and Equipment
  • simplified job listing process
  • integrated application tools
  • cost-effective job marketing options
  • syncs with Company and People profiles
  • use notifications for job search alerts

You can find out more at https://services.unitedbaristas.com/jobs/ 


Here's what you need to know


Here's some things job seekers need to know:


Here's some things employers need to know:

  • Start adding new job listings to Jobs 3
  • All visitors, including applicants, are now directed to Jobs 3
  • Make sure you download any legacy information you require from Jobs 2 before 14 January 2024 – we sent you a link on 29 December 2023
  • All employer kit subscriptions were cancelled today - the balance of the subscription period has been added to a Company Profile subscription on United Baristas Services.


Here's some things Company Profile subscribers need to know:

  • you now get access to free enhanced job listings and discounted featured job listings
  • Job listings, as well as Marketplace listings, are displayed on your profile


People Profiles now integrate with Job 3. Display:

  • your current role
  • your accreditations and qualifications
  • if you are open to opportunities or looking for a new job





Why have you made this change?

The future of United Baristas is everything in one place. This offers greater ease for people using our services, greater reach for you and a simplified development schedule for us. This is the next step in our strategy. We started by building the new Marketplace in 2021, incorporated Equipment last year and are now integrating Jobs.


Is Jobs 3 suitable for me?

Jobs 3 incorporates the same features that have made Marketplace 2 popular, including powerful search, sophisticated filters, and an easy-to-use design. Plus, we think coffee people will like discovering current coffee jobs while browsing United Baristas.


How do I get started?

Just sign in to United Baristas like before, but now all our services are in one place, and you can manage everything from your account.


I need further help!

We will shortly update Help Centre. If you need assistance in the meantime, please contact support.


What are you doing this year?


Whatever your goals for the year ahead, we wish you all the best. We hope you enjoyed the break and that you come back refreshed and invigorated for 2024.

 United Baristas Jobs 



United Baristas Services – bringing everything together [Project Ensemble]

Work has started this autumn on Project Ensemble, our effort to bring together all our services into one place. It's going to be a massive, multi-stage project that will take much of 2024 as we integrate jobs, new and used equipment, companies and profiles as well as commercial sales. The first big step was incorporating Equipment into Market so that it would integrate with Marketplace and Company Profiles. Many of you are already finding this useful, so we are embarking on the next step. We are updating you now so can appreciate the bigger picture as we make the next updates. Together, they'll build the future of United Baristas. Specific updates to follow as changes are made. And if you have any suggestions drop us a line. Thanks for your ongoing support and all the best for the year ahead.

United Baristas
In progress 🧑‍💻



United Baristas Jobs 3

The all-new Jobs 3 is fully integrated into United Baristas Re-built from the ground up to benefit from our community connections and better connect coffee people with coffee jobs. Learn more 👇 https://services.unitedbaristas.com/jobs/

United Baristas
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Company Profiles on United Baristas Jobs

We've reverted to the previous Company information on United Baristas Jobs for a number of reasons. Firstly, it's easier when adding a job. Secondly, your company information syncs better with third-party job sites. And thirdly, the software we were using was causing occasional job listing template issues. In principle we like the idea of a dedicated Company page with your relevant, open jobs – but we're going to put this aside for the time being while we work on other United Baristas Jobs functions and think again about how to create a better execution of this idea in the future. As of today we have deleted company info and reinstated the your previous company info. Current listings should be okay, but please do check and let us know if there's any issues. We're going to leave this idea on the Roadmap so you know that we're thinking about it 🤔

United Baristas
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📲Should it be necessary to sign in to apply for a job?

We are opening a consultation on whether job seekers (candidates) should have to login to United Baristas Jobs to complete an application. There are two options: • People must sign in with UB-iD, which requires a verified email address or Google account • People can directly complete the application form, with a reCAPTCHA check Pros and Cons • UB-iD is the more secure, means that the email address is confirmed and isn't entered incorrectly – but also adds friction to the application process • Direct access to the application form makes applying easier, but creates opportunity for candidate's email address to be entered incorrectly (human error) and for spam applications Have a view, let us know 👇

United Baristas
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Cover Letter Assistant

With the forthcoming Cover Letter Assistant we'll write a personal cover letter for your next coffee job application. Strong cover letters have better results and we want to help coffee people make great applications when applying for coffee jobs. It's straightforward to use: add some details about yourself and the job, upload your CV, and we'll draft a suitable cover letter for your application.

United Baristas
Done ✅